Back in March 2017, we were 6 weeks away from our wedding and we were at least $6,000 short of what we needed to cover the wedding expenses. It was around that first Sunday in March 2017 that Pastor John’s entire message was about tithing and he showed some clips of families who decided to start tithing at moments in their lives when it just didn’t seem financially logical to do so. The message was powerful and compelling. That afternoon, my Wife and I had a long talk about it and despite needing an enormous amount of money for the wedding that we had NO idea where it would come from, we made the decision to start tithing the following Sunday. It has been about 70 Sundays since then and we have not missed a single one. God has financially blessed each of us in such a way that we knew in our hearts it was because of our tithing decision. The Lord has truly blessed us like never before. As an attorney for the 10 years before this tithing decision, I had an average of 3-5 “tough” months each year. I have had ZERO “tough” months in 18 months. It’s mind-blowing and incredible all at the same time. It’s 100%, God. When God challenged my Wife and I to give even more money to the church, we stepped up and did so only to see Him pour his blessings over us even more than before. The Lord’s timing and His plan is perfect. We believe that He delivered the perfect message to Pastor John to deliver to us that life-changing Sunday back in March 2017 and for that we are forever grateful.

Eric Torices