1. Thank God for his unfailing love.
  2. Pray for God to teach you how to worship him in your everyday life, as you put him first.
  3. Pray for God to teach you to see how he sees, and to live in line with his values.
  4. Pray for wisdom and strength for our pastors and staff as they lead us on this journey of growth.
  5. Pray for unity in the church.
  6. Pray for God to bless the children who come to WACC like never before.
  7. Thank God for his grace and forgiveness.
  8. Pray for our children and youth ministries volunteers as they pour into the next generation.
  9. Pray to God for stillness and sensitivity to His Spirit.
  10. Pray for God to help you better understand the depth of his love for you.
  11. Pray for God’s comfort for those broken and hurting in our community.
  12. Thank God for his guidance and wisdom in your life.
  13. Pray that WACC will unite in faith, so that His work will be done.
  14. Pray that God shows you where He wants you to serve.
  15. Pray for God’s love and generosity to encourage the church.
  16. Thank God for the extravagant gift of his Son for us.
  17. Pray for our global partners all over the world, for protection and fruitful ministry.
  18. Pray for an increased openness to the gospel in Whittier and the surrounding region.
  19. Pray for wisdom and discernment for the Church Board.
  20. Pray for increased life change in the small group connections throughout our church.
  21. Pray for insight into God’s will and purpose for you in the Like Never Before journey.
  22. Pray for blessing and healing for the families in our community.
  23. Pray for increased faith and immovable obedience to God’s leading in your life.
  24. Pray for God to open our hearts to the full measure of His love.
  25. Pray for workers to step forward to the harvest work God has in our church and city.
  26. Pray for God to ll you fresh and anew with his Holy Spirit.
  27. Pray for people to come to know Jesus at WACC like never before.
  28. Pray and ask God to give us hearts to obey him in all areas of our lives.
  29. Thank God for the many blessings he has given to WACC.
  30. Pray that God will move in your life in the coming season like never before.