Weekly Update

What’s Happening? This week, the footings were carefully dug out around the future foundation of the new worship center. The cement will be poured in next. The footings will be completed in the next few weeks, and then we will be able to see above ground construction starting. Currently, our view includes a big mound of dirt in the center of the construction zone.

Construction Term:  Footings are important to supporting the foundation of the new worship center. They begin with trenches carefully excavated in the soil. Then the trenches are filled in with concrete reinforced with rebar, steel bars or mesh of steel wires.

Financial Update

We are thankful for God’s generous provision as our WACC family responds to the need. People continue to fulfill their commitments for the Like Never Before building opportunity, and that is such an encouragement. Approximately $24,468 was given during the week ending August 11.


Visit our Resources page at the following link to see the latest construction update videos, photos, building renderings, and even a playlist: https://likeneverbefore.wacc.net/resources/