LNB Weekly Update

What’s Happening? 

On Wednesday evening, February 6, local neighbors came to a meeting hosted by WACC to discuss questions and concerns they had regarding the construction. It was a good time of connection and communication. The neighbors shared encouraging affirmations and feedback, which ended a great evening together. One neighbor shared that he felt that WACC has been a good neighbor to the local residents, as well as the city.

Today, February 14, the City of Whittier is holding the Design Review Meeting for our construction project. We are anticipating a positive response to the plans at this meeting. Thank you for your continued prayer as we continue moving forward.

Regarding the status of the elevator, the state inspection is scheduled for later this month, another step in preparation for operation.

Financial Update

We continue to honor God’s provision with gratitude for the generosity expressed by the folks of WACC. People continue to fulfill their commitments for the Like Never Before building opportunity, contributing $32,912 in the past week, which is so encouraging.


Visit our Resources page at the following link to see the latest construction update videos, photos, building renderings, and even a playlist. It also offers some of the Like Never Before booklets from Fall 2017 to download: https://likeneverbefore.wacc.net/resources/