Like Never Before Weekly Update

Construction crews are following physical distancing guidelines, hand washing protocol, and other safety measures.

What’s Happening?

Lower Patio

The lower patio renovation between Building A and Building B has now been completed. This area is now free of cracks in the cement and has an entry ramp better accessibility. One day, when we return to campus for weekend worship, this space will create a better first impression to welcome returning and guest families, as they leave their children for great programming all in one beautiful space. Once our front offices re-open, the staff will also find the entrance a lovely way to start the workday or to sit by the trees for a break.

New Worship Center

Construction continues in the new worship center and out. Palm trees were planted last week. Painting continues. More work is being done to complete the HVAC systems, and the new chapel continues to take shape. Lighting is going up in more areas inside the auditorium and vestibule. With the additional design elements added, the new entry area looks more and more like the drawing we see on the blue fencing.

Generosity Update

Your faithful generosity toward this project is so appreciated and encouraging. God continues to provide as you, our WACC family, continue to respond to the needs. Approximately $17,201 was given toward the Like Never Before building project during the week ending June 28.


The special offering for the new chapel is currently $70,356. We continue to praise God for his work.


Visit our Resources page at the following link to see the latest construction update videos, photos, building renderings, and even a playlist