Like Never Before Weekly Update

Construction crews are following physical distancing guidelines, hand washing protocol, and other safety measures.

What’s Happening?

Hopefully, you are following the social media posts for photos of all the delightful progress. Did you see the lobby lights? This just feels more exciting every week, even though we have months to go. Truly, the photos posted by our social media team are worth a thousand words, as the saying goes.

Now, back to our weekly news and some of what is taking shape in the new worship center. There is a variety of companies and crews combining efforts and expertise in many ways. To name just a few, some are pulling wires to the stage, installing registers in the ceiling, continuing to paint the back walls in the auditorium, and pouring heating and air conditioning pads on both sides of the building. Another team finished framing the stage in the new chapel, framing the vestibules, and installing a pocket door at the restroom. Drywall is still being hung for the chapel ceiling. We can’t wait for you to see it all.

Generosity Update

Your faithful generosity toward this project is so appreciated and encouraging. God continues to provide as you, our WACC family, continue to respond to the needs. Approximately $26,367 was given toward the Like Never Before building project during the week ending June 21. We continue to praise God for his work.


Visit our Resources page at the following link to see the latest construction update videos, photos, building renderings, and even a playlist: