Like Never Before Weekly Update

Construction crews are following physical distancing guidelines, hand washing protocol, and other safety measures.

What’s Happening?

In our new worship center, more drywall has been installed and taping continues, even in the baptistry. In the new chapel, the walls are being framed. The prep work has begun for painting the ceiling. The plumbing is being installed for a drinking fountain. Return ductwork is being added for the worship space. The high trellis work that overhangs the upper patio is coming along nicely. The brown trim edge at the top of the building looks great. We are grateful for all the progress as we think back to our groundbreaking celebration in May 2019.

The finishing touches and clean-up are getting taken care of in the new nursery, while the floor is being installed. This area is headed for completion next week. Then Building B major renovations will be finished, another milestone to celebrate.

Generosity Update

Your faithful generosity toward this project is so appreciated and encouraging. God continues to provide as you, our WACC family, continue to respond to the needs. Approximately $26,718 was given toward the Like Never Before building project during the week ending May 24.


Visit our Resources page at the following link to see the latest construction update videos, photos, building renderings, and even a playlist: