Like Never Before Weekly Update

What’s Happening?

New Worship Center 

Construction continues and the crews are following physical distancing guidelines, hand washing protocol, and other safety measures. They continued to rough-in under riser steel, and at the area in front of the main restrooms. Continuing other projects, the refrigerant piping was worked on, the exhaust fans installed, and more drywall was added to the perimeter, along with taping at higher levels. Framers worked on the electrical room, fire riser room, and under riser steel. More framing took place at the angled walls, vestibules, and the bathroom ceiling. They started hanging lobby lighting.

Building B1, Future Nursery

Building activity in the new nursery included installing the gas line for the dryer in the laundry room. Also, more walls were framed, and the sheeting was finished for one of the shear walls. Also, stair work was finished, and water lines to the laundry room and bathroom were installed to get water to the washer, sinks, and toilet.


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