Like Never Before Weekly Update

What’s Happening? Hopefully, you have gotten to try out the new WACC elevator. We are grateful to have it in operation and helping many get to their destinations with ease during our ministry week.

Did you know we have a Building Committee that meets faithfully to communicate, discern, and monitor progress on our building projects? The following people serve on that committee: Sheryl Barnes, Brian Eck, Bryan Guthrie, Fred Law, Christian Martinez, Don Mrla, John Riley, Patricia Suastegui, Mike Wiltz, and Jason Zuhlke. Please continue to pray for wisdom, strength, and unity for this team as they diligently work to be wise stewards of all the resources – time, funding, people, and as they monitor the multiple layers of construction progress and process.

Financial Update We are thankful for God’s provision as the generosity expressed by the folks of WACC continues. People continue to fulfill their commitments for the Like Never Before building opportunity, approximately $23,189 was given for the week ending March 31.

Resources Visit our Resources page at the following link to see the latest construction update videos, photos, building renderings, and even a playlist. It also offers some of the Like Never Before booklets from Fall 2017 to download: