Like Never Before Weekly Update

What’s Happening? 

The ground floor of the new worship center was ready for the concrete to be poured Thursday, Dec. 5.  And Wednesday, Dec. 4, it rained. Large plastic tarps were attached to the structure to offer some protection from the rain. However, the weather pushed back the concrete pour to Monday, December 10. Like dominoes in play, that postpones the other workers scheduled to begin installing the next layers of parts and pieces, including the heating and air conditioning duct work. Some mud flowed into the footings where dirt had previously been removed for the concrete. This week the mud was cleared out.

In Building B, the first floor classroom side has taping going on to prepare for primer and color to be painted soon. We can’t wait to see it! But for now, we will have to simply gaze in through the windows to see the changes taking place.

Financial Update

We are thankful for God’s generous provision as our WACC family responds to the need. People continue to fulfill their commitments for the Like Never Before building opportunity, and that is such an encouragement. Approximately $25,715 was given during the week ending December 2019


Visit our Resources page at the following link to see the latest construction update videos, photos, building renderings, and even a playlist: